Current Make-Up Malarkey

Since becoming a mum I have a grand total of 5-10mintues (if i’m lucky!) to get ready therefore my make up  routine & products have changed. I use limited products now but try & make it look like i’m wearing something so people don’t see the massive bags under my eyes. I start with layering … Continue reading Current Make-Up Malarkey


A Spa Therapists View..

A guest post on a spa therapists view on skincare… Confused on where to start with skin care? Don’t know what products are suited to your skin type? I’ve got you✨ I myself am an Elemis trained spa therapist and have experience with a wide range of skin types. Starting a routine skin plan can completely … Continue reading A Spa Therapists View..

Skin Issues

So being pregnant skincare can be a bloody nightmare, anything that contains certain acids, retinoids etc (google them) you are advised not to use. Telling someone that has oily and spot prone skin is heart breaking, I’m not going to lie, I did carry on using my normal skincare as it didn’t seem that it … Continue reading Skin Issues