Baby Diaries – Three Month Update



Hallllo & in a flash I have a 3 month old.. I would say this month a lot has changed! Mimi now weighs a whopping 14lbs, thats right, a whole stone, It is beginning to hurt when holding her long periods of time. I don’t want to brag but she has been sleeping through the night which I cannot believe, she goes down around 9 & sleeps until 5/6 sometimes even 7! In fairness she is awake most of the day, she spends her time on her playmat, in the bouncer or on my lap.

She loves exploring new toys (even reaching out to grab) & everything goes in her mouth which I think is linked to teething! I didn’t think babies could start teething this young but she has all the signs, dribbling, biting & little moans & groans. Of course sophie the giraffe has been bought & she loves her. 2nd lot of jabs have been done, again were fine, no issues there at all apart from making her very tired.

We are still going to sensory which she absolutely loves the flashing lights & different textures! Routine wise, all going well, still sticking to the bath & bed time routine (here) she loves it & I think that has something to do with her sleeping so well (we will see).

Forgot to mention, we also got her christened! She was a star & looked adorable.


 Well I think this month has been the best yet in terms of feeling myself again, I’m back in my jeans (YAS!!) finally feel like I have my energy back which is a long time coming. I however still can’t stop eating chocolate but hey, you only live once!

Breastfeeding is going well, my nipples did start to get a little bit sore again but thats due to a little monkey starting to munch on them.

On a side note I have started something quite big.. I have opened my own baby shop online, yep you heard. It’s still a working progress but will update you more in up & coming months.


Please please please head over to my website, instagram, Facebook & pinterest to like & follow & most of all show me some love & support.





Bring on month 4 & time please slow down, my baby is getting to big!

Any other classes you would recommend? We loved sensory but would like to try something else.

Lots of Love

HP xx


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