Pregnancy Life Savers

So after being pregnant for 39+4 weeks, I thought i’d just note down a few things that helped me through.

 •Coconut Oil• – of course the trusty old thing, I was adamant I was not going to get stretch marks & thankfully I haven’t. I use to smother myself in this stuff & I mean from head to toe, I never use to rub it in either & just let it sink into my skin through the night (tip – wear PJ’s to protect sheets!).

•Neil’s Yard Mothers Balm• – I was kindly given this & would use this if I didn’t want to use the coconut oil (or if I was away, easier to take). It works just the same, it is actually a thicker consistency & doesn’t smell of anything, as I am aware some smells can just make you vom.

•Pregnancy Pillow• – AH! My trusty pregnancy pillow, I used this more in the middle of my pregnancy (most people do in the end) as I found when my bump wasn’t overly big was much more uncomfortable, I would tuck it around myself & just fall asleep. However I was happier sleeping without anything towards the end.

•Hair Band Trick• WHAT?! So when my bump started to get bigger I really struggled to fit into my normal jeans & maternity jeans were too big. I can’t actually remember where I heard about this but I put a hair band on the hole side of my jeans so it will hook on the button! GENIUS.

•Snacks• – Always carry snacks with you, you will never know when you will need them, (in my case all the bloody time) if I hadn’t eaten I would feel very faint & my ears would start popping! Sometimes I just didn’t have time so would always keep something in my bag, things like nuts, raisins, bouncer bars etc.

•Rennies• – Wow, I have never had heart burn in my life & I must admit it is the worst thing ever.. I use to get it after food all the time so I use to take them religiously before & after meals & if i’m honest I would wake up in the night & have to take one.

•Leggings• – When you find out your pregnant please go & buy leggings in bulk, you will wear them non-stop & they are very handy for postpartum too!

•Cereal• – I know this won’t be everyones taste but I lived on cereal for most of my pregnancy & I mean breakfast, lunch & dinner! I went from Frosties to Cheerios to Clusters to Frosted Wheats, you name it I ate it.

•Iron• – So my iron levels were very very low, the Iron tablets that the DR prescribed I was allergic to the E numbers that they were coated in. I really struggled to find a good supplement that contained enough until my hairdresser said that Spa Tone was brilliant, you just add it to your orange juice (helps absorb the iron) in the morning & job done!

•A Good Box Set• – & last but not least a good box set to watch! Ones I’d recommend Walking Dead, Gossip Girl, Game Of Thrones, Gavin & Stacey, Cold Feet & of course The OC.

Lots of Love HP x


6 thoughts on “Pregnancy Life Savers

  1. Yes to the coconut oil! I’m 34 weeks and I also just started using a coconut cleansing oil by Burt’s Bee’s before hopping in the shower. It helps add that extra moisture barrier so my tummy doesn’t itch as bad.


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