Our Bedtime Routine

So I am the kind of person that loves a routine, so I was very keen to get Mimi into one at a early age, some people would think this is far to young but in my mind you start as you mean to go on.


I try & keep Mimi awake as long as possible before bedtime, this may involve the play mat, sitting on my knees & having a chat or even just feeding her.


We head upstairs for a bath, I run the bath while Rob gets her undressed. We turn her bedroom lights off & turn the lava lamp on for when we are back in. We put her in the bath (we use the Angel Care Seat) & get her favourite toys out, currently she is loving the foam animals that stick on the side of the bath & she spends around 10 minutes starring & chatting away to them. While she does this we wash her using a sponge & Aveeno Body & Hair Wash.


Once all clean I will get her out, wrapping her in a hooded towel & take her into her bedroom, because we turned the lights off it makes a calm quiet atmosphere for her to unwind (we have the landing light on, so we can actually see!).  Then we put moisturiser on, clean vest, pyjamas & her sleep bag.


Rob will sit on the rocking chair & read her a book, at the moment she is loving Spot the Dog, she is fascinated by the colours & just sits & listens to her dad. When he has finished we swap over, I will then feed.


She doesn’t feed for that long in the evening before she falls asleep, then carry her into our room, (she is still sleeping next to me in her Snuz Pod & sleepyhead) I would have turned on the Angel Care Monitor on before.


This is when she starts to stir, she either wants her dummy or more food, I quickly go up to see to her & will quickly go back down.


She then wakes around 5/6 for a change & a feed, Rob usually takes her to change her bum then brings her back to me for a feed. Again she only feeds for around 10 minutes until she has fallen asleep again.


Depending if I need the car for the day, If I do I get her up at 7 & transfer her to the car seat but if not she will usually sleep until around 8ish.

I am aware that not all newborns/young babies will be able to do this & yes there are some days where the routine is scrapped due to being asleep already, overtired, poorly etc. We are so lucky to have a baby that loves her sleep & is such a good girl.

Please let me know your routines, or if you have any tips that may make it better?!

Lots of Love HP x


4 thoughts on “Our Bedtime Routine

  1. Im all for routines, especially for babies. I had put Viaan on a schedule in the first few weeks itself. This way they know what to expect when and its comforting for them.
    Way to go, girl! Keep us posted


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