October Favourites

I know it’s abit late but hey better late than never! Here’s a few things I loved in October. I seriously have no idea where this year has gone.. but I am so excited for CHRISTMAS!!

•Pampers Nappies• – So I know there is a lot of different nappies out there, we tried a few & these were the best. I feel they hold a lot, feel nice & a bonus if you download the pampers app you get points the more you buy & we all know what points mean!

•Water Wipes• – Again as said above we have tried many wipes, of course the first few weeks we used these wipes then we went onto Huggies. These wipes made her red raw saw went straight back to the water wipes, they are brilliant, I struggle to find ones that are as wet as these & you hardly have to use any.

•Play Mat• – One thing that Mimi & I have both been loving is her Lamaze play mat, she loved just laying on it & watching the TV. She also loves talking to the butterfly, I thought she may be too young for this at the moment but nope.

•Chocolate• – & I thought you got cravings just when you were pregnant.. wrong.. I am obsessed with Dairy Milk chocolate, I cannot stop. I mean I eat nearly a bar an evening, I could just put it down to breastfeeding & that I need the calories?

•TV• – Funnily enough I have spent a lot of time at home this month & TV has been my go too when cuddling, feeding & sleeping. A few programmes/box sets I have been loving are, FRIENDS, Celebrity Hunted, Walking Dead & Cold Feet.

•Silver Cross Car Seat• – When I was pregnant I wan’t going to get this car seat, I was going to get one that stays in the car (Britax) but one day I saw someone put their car seat in the trolley when shopping & thought that would be a life saver. So I decided to get the one that goes with our pram & I love it. I know there is a lot of whoha about babies sleeping in car seats but she loves it & I’m not going to wake a sleeping baby. I mean I don’t leave her in it all day!! Anyway get a car seat that fits onto your pram.. you’ll thank me later.

What have you been loving this month?!

Lots of Love HP xx


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