Baby & Mummy Diaries – Two Month Update

Ok so where the hell have the last 2 months gone please?! Can time just slow down please..


As I mentioned in the One Month Update the first month was bloody hard, by week 5 you start to get use to getting up in the middle of the night & just functioning. In month 2 you have their 6 week check by the health visitor & DR, these both went really well. She weighted 9lbs 9oz which is a good increase to before (makes breastfeeding 10x better knowing they are doing well!). They measure their length & head circumference which was all fine too. We left feeling very happy however 2 days later she came down with her first cold, this was horrific. She woke crying because she couldn’t breathe probably & didn’t understand that she could breathe through her mouth!  We used the SnuffleBabe Vapour Rub & yes I know your not meant to use it until they are 3 months but it worked really well for us! Not advising you do use it  but the saline drops didn’t work so we thought ‘why on earth can’t you use natural ingredients?!’

One thing that is very noticeable in month 2 was her smiling, she smiles all the time now which is lovely especially when she wakes in the morning! Makes everything that little bit more worth while. She spends a lot of time on her play mat, either watching the TV or talking to her toys, she has been cooing at things & really trying to talk.

By week 6 we had a breakthrough with breastfeeding, everything became ‘easy’ she latched on straight away & I actually started to enjoy it! One thing I did notice (it started after her cold) she didn’t poo for a few days & ever since her farts STINK, I didn’t think breastfed babies smelt.. well mine does & at really inappropriate times (great, thanks Mimi!).

In terms of sleeping she now only wakes twice a night usually around 2 & 4 however the last few nights she has been sleeping from 9-4 then until 7.. she’s a star & she has started to suck her thumb, so we will slowly stop using dummy & encourage to use her thumb!!

Another thing I just want to mention is jabs, we had them today (14th Nov) & hands down it is not as bad as everyone makes out, yes of course it’s not nice to experience your baby in pain but it’s done so quickly. I gave Mimi calpol before we went so she was dosed up, she had 2 in her right leg & 1 in her left, she cried initially but then was fine when the oral one was given (she loved this one). After I kept her on calpol, she did sleep a lot but apart from that has been fine. So please don’t spend the week before worrying like I did!


So I’m still bleeding.. YAY.. not.. so will be heading to the doctors next week so I can hopefully sort that out.

My stomach has gone down a lot this month, still a little blotted, especially when I eat. I am back in jeans but not my pre pregnancy ones, but I don’t think I ever will as my hips have grown!

Even though she is sleeping much better at night, i’m still exhausted but I think that is linked to breastfeeding. I spend most my days drinking tea, eating chocolate & cuddling my bebe!

I think that is it for postpartum, can’t think of anything else to mention!

How did you cope at month 2? What are you most looking forward too?

HP x


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