A Spa Therapists View..

A guest post on a spa therapists view on skincare…

Confused on where to start with skin care?

Don’t know what products are suited to your skin type? I’ve got you✨

I myself am an Elemis trained spa therapist and have experience with a wide range of skin types.

Starting a routine skin plan can completely transform your skin for the better, I’ll start with a morning to night routine that you should do religiously.

I personally have a combination skin type but I find it tends to change throughout the year alongside weather changes.


•Cleanse• You should always start your morning by using a cleanser; cleansing the skin removes impurities from pores and helps remove any excess sebum produced (keeps breakouts at bay).

My personal favourite cleansers are; Elemis lavender cleanser as it’s an antiseptic one, great for combination/oily skin types but doesn’t dry the skin out (dreamy I know). Lush herbalism; it gives you a fresh clean feeling and yet again is great for tackling broken out skin.

•Exfoliant• You shouldn’t exfoliate everyday; exfoliate twice a week otherwise your skin can become sensitised or if you already have break outs, you can end up doing more damage and spread the bacteria to other regions of your face (your skin will practically hate you). Exfoliating helps remove cellular build up and helps even skin texture.

My favourite are: Lush dark angels; this is very corse textured but it’s made from all natural ingredients, its also cleansing at the same time. Elemis skin buff; fine granulated formula that leaves your skin super soft. Lush Let the good times roll; this exfoliant is quite gentle, some times I use it more than 3 times a week because it isn’t harsh.

If you over stimulate the skin you can end up producing more oil from over working your sebaceous gland and that can lead to spots… So rule 1, chill with the scrub!

•Tone• I cannot express enough just how important it is to tone over your skin…

Toning stops environmental pollutants, dirt, grime and makeup from going deep into the pores in your skin and blocking them up creating black heads.

Stay clear from toners that contain alcohol; yes they will close your pores however they will also strip your skin and can make it age quicker from drying it out… Elemis toners use a natural astringent called Sweet Betty flower which closes the pores without having a single bad side effect:) happy days! Adding a toner to your daily routing will eventually have a huge affect on your skin. ‘You can thank me later.’

My favourites- Elemis lavender toner; smells so good and leaves the skin fresh and hydrated but also leaves an antibacterial layer. Lush tea tree toner; it’s not drying and it’s filled with natural ingredients.

•Moisturise•  Whether you have dry, oily, acne prone skin or sensitive you need to moisturise either way… Your skin needs hydration otherwise it can start to look quite sad and dull. Now for oily or acne prone type you want to pick a moisturiser that isn’t oil based, for sensitive I would recommend unscented and for dry you want a super hydrating moisturiser. My personal favourite is the Elemis hydra boost moisturiser (I also love the matching serum) it smells like apples and it leaves the skin looking supple and youthful.


•Eye makeup removal• Eye cleanse- Take eye makeup off with a cleanser formulated for eye make up (the skin surrounding your eyes is extremely delicate). My favourite is Elemis white flowers eye and lip cleanse.

•Makeup removal• Cleanse over the entire face and neck to remove all traces of makeup. I wouldn’t recommend facial wipes as they can cause premature ageing. Makeup cleansers range from oil base to cream and pastes. My favourites are- Elemis omega rich cleansing oil, goes on like oil but once water hits, the formula emulsifies into a milk like substance; leaves the skin perfectly clean and none greasy. Elemis pro-cleansing balm; smells like heaven, it’s anti ageing and also leaves the skin completely makeup free!

Now repeat the previous morning steps✨

Now I know we all have our favourite brands and products that we just want to use religiously… However it’s so imported to switch it up every now and then. Your skin (just like your hair) gets used to the products you’re using and starts to not respond to them! Your skin is smarter than you think… So once you’ve finished your favourite tube or pot of product swap it for a different type; it can still do the same job as your favourite, you just need to change whatever formula you’re using. Otherwise you really won’t be getting the most out of what you’re buying. And we know some brands out there are really not cheap! Saying that though, after you’ve swapped it and used the new product up you can switch back, just don’t use the same one for too long.

What are your favourite skincare products?!

Bella  xx

Instagram – @isabellamuaaaa


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